Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Computing in a human context

The Net is most sluggish in September. ... It makes sense, according to Joe Robinson, who coaches massive corporations like IBM on work-life balance. "I can cite eight studies indicating that performance and productivity go up after vacation," he said. When you return from a long stint at the beach, you're not just recharged, you're more efficient. Even reaction times go up by 30 to 40 percent. It's not surprising then that Internet speeds lag when we're all back from vacay, hustling online, grabbing at that brass ring.

I found this through an article on Lifehacker[2]. It reminds me that software (and computing in general) for humans isn't just about software, or about what people do with software. It's also about humans. Human-friendly computing needs to consider the wider context of a person's human needs.

[1] Burning Question: Does Internet Speed Vary by Season?

[2] Net Speeds Drop in Autumn, But Productivity Rises

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