Friday, August 27, 2010

OneWebDay Reflections: Worldwide affordability

Last OneWebDay, Sanjay Patel shared some surprising data comparing "what it costs [him] on a montly basis to get cable speed internet here in the United States along with 3 different quotes [they have] received for installing internet connectivity to a school that is a stone’s throw away from one of Tanzania’s largest cities."

Check out the full post here: OneWebDay | The Epic Change Blog

OneWebDay is a global event aimed at giving all people a chance not only to celebrate the Internet, but also to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the open-networking principles that have made it the success it is. As OneWebDay 2010 approaches, I'll be posting some of my own and other peoples reflections on One Web.

OneWebDay should be local and global simultaneously. It should highlight the ways that people use the web locally, and acknowledge in a non-trivial way that the web they use is the same web that is used the world over—one web.

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